I have finally installed Twitch studio so I can now stream games. Technical problems with my webcam are likely due to BIOS faults on the MSI X570-A PRO. More likely additional USB 3.0 cables and hubs will be needed.

Internet in Canada severely throttles upstream speeds so 4K quality is not possible.


  • Bitcoins: 1EGmdgjZQcbFMkyYoNahqcGRj2iuvxEzK7
  • Ethereum: 0x3392393CFfe1b13869081fF1782747639E986719


Hardware and software sponsors are welcome. The focus is mostly on PC hardware. Most recently the focus has been on entry level SSD products. Many on the site are drawn by entry level reviews.

  • USB-C peripherals
  • SSD and hard disks
  • AMD motherboards and processors
  • DDR4 RAM
  • Keyboards, mice and other devices

Additional trays are needed to handle various types of memory. Thankfully these are widely available.

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