Steam is able to broadcast my gameplay. I have it restricted to Steam friends so that my network connection does not get overwhelmed.

I use an Xbox Kinect which has a 1920×1080 Full HD USB 3.0 camera. The other capabilities are not used at the moment. The small octopus tripods can handle the 1.4 kg weight and the full capability of the Kinect can be used for recording video for editing with Avid before publishing.


  • Bitcoins: 1EGmdgjZQcbFMkyYoNahqcGRj2iuvxEzK7
  • Ethereum: 0x3392393CFfe1b13869081fF1782747639E986719


While it has died down substantially there was a time when new account were set up in vast numbers. Many of the blocked accounts have VAC bans suggesting they were used to develop hacks etc.

Other attacks have been setup as a ruse to steal accounts. They have all been shut down but new ones pop up occasionally.

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