Given the headaches with Bluetooth the Intel AX200 has been ordered which has better antennas which may improve connectivity. The AX200 was released 6 months before the standard was ratified. Intel is a large player and they are not as bad as the fiasco with the 802.11n. The main change is the support for 20,... Continue Reading →


Windows 10 version 1909 continues to have problems with Bluetooth. Part of the problem stems from the MSI X570-A PRO BIOS which often does not reset devices properly before it enumerates them. Usually if there is a problem the BIOS freezes during POST. Windows reports a device error. Even with the USB Bluetooth in a... Continue Reading →


Thanks to moron IT managers who have no clue with security, robocalls and spam galore now inundate the studio. Insecure servers are disgustingly common. Stolen phone numbers mean now results in blocking robocalls that is impossible to stop as they use random false phone numbers. Changing phone numbers is very expensive. Steam which uses their... Continue Reading →


Disney has been concerned over the popularity of the screenshot of Baby Yoda that was seen in the popular Star Wars: The Mandalorian television show. The popular giphy was given a DMCA removal order but immediately this runs afoul of fair use provisions of international copyright law. The article by Forbes states: “According to Jeff John... Continue Reading →


The beleaguered Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet has struggled mostly as drivers are not mature yet. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has become one of the first Windows tablets to ship with 10nm Intel Ice Lake-U processors, but the latest Intel PCH drivers are incompatible with the tablet since Microsoft must first validate the drivers... Continue Reading →


Found a video on YouTube of a new class of scam. On somebody sold an old card as a modern GTX 1060 and the card went on to destroy the motherboard and other components. Usually AliExpress is worse but lately they have cleaned up their act. Wish has become the place to go for... Continue Reading →


Intel in an 8-K report, after hours, indicated that shortgages for processors and other products are still dogging the company. At the same time problems with the 10nm line is still not panning out as quickly as desired. Intel said that they are doing everything they can to keep up with orders. The backlog is... Continue Reading →


The gaming box has clean install of Windows 10 version 1909 and right away there are bugs found. So much for telemetry figuring out problems. Office 2013 installed fine and updates installed fine. KB4524570 refused to installed with some error code that suggested a clean boot was needed. Manually downloading the update from the update... Continue Reading →

441.34 HOTFIX

GeForce driver 441.34 is available for Windows 7 x64 and above. [Red Dead Redemption 2] Vulkan: Stalling on some systems with 4-core and 6-core CPUs [Shadow of the Tomb Raider] Game may crash when launched in DX12 mode. tested with the EVGA GTX 1060 and the games runs fine in DX12 and HDR enabled DRIVER... Continue Reading →

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