On TorrentFreak a report that somebody was asking for $100 million to keep some source code from being leaked. The code in question turns out to be Verilog code which is a Hardware Description Language (HDL). AMD has filed at least two DMCA notices against Github repos that carried "stolen" source code relating to AMD's... Continue Reading →

445.76 HOTFIX

GeForce driver 445.76 is available for Windows 10 x64. This Hotfix driver addresses the following: • Some DirectX 11 games may fail to launch when Image Sharpening is enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel FIXES AND UPDATES Please note: Windows 8.1x64 is not supported on Turing GeForce RTX 20 and GeForce GTX 16 series graphics... Continue Reading →


Bought a low cost 240GB M.2 PCI Express SSD for the studio. There is abundant room with 240GB for an operating system and some applications. The KingDian NV40 240GB SSD was only $55 plus taxes Canadian. The orange models are PCIe while the blue models are SATA. At least KingDian makes it easier to select... Continue Reading →


MSI finally got me a new MSI X570-A PRO motherboard. It took 2 hours to get the machine assembled and ready for action. Bought some longer SATA cables to better reach the front of the machine. Longer cables are less common but they are available. The 8-port SATA card still has not surfaced but it... Continue Reading →


Satya Nadella suggested Microsoft is in a better financial position than it was in the previous recession. He joined the company in 1992 and replaced Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO in 2014. Microsoft's Azure infrastructure has held up with increased traffic with the current coronavirus problems. Web based companies are faring better than retail at... Continue Reading →


Applies to: Windows 10, version 1903, all editions, Windows Server version 1903, Windows 10 version 1909, all editions, Windows Server version 1909. NON-SECURITY QUALITY UPDATES Addresses an issue that causes an error when printing to a document repository. Addresses an issue that displays a misleading reset message for Win32 apps that are converted to Universal Windows Platform... Continue Reading →


GeForce driver 445.75 is available for Windows 10 x64. Half-Life: AlyxResident Evil 3 Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Ghost Experience update FIXES AND UPDATES Please note: Windows 8.1x64 is not supported on Turing GeForce RTX 20 and GeForce GTX 16 series graphics cards. FESTERING ISSUES [Notebook][H-Clone]: With the integrated graphics processor as the clone source, display settings... Continue Reading →


Most people do not use Adobe Type 1 fonts as TrueType and OpenType have superseded them long ago. All versions of Windows 7 and upward are affected. Evidently there is a new security hole with ATMFD.DLL so its advisable to rename this file until Redmond can fix the problem. WIndows server 2008 also had an... Continue Reading →


TSMC indicated at the IEDM conference that its 5nm process has a whopping 84% greater density than a comparable product at 7nm. The company will soon start mass production on this new node, which makes considerable use of EUV. X-Ray lamps are available which is likely to find some exployment when feature sizes need to improve.... Continue Reading →

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