Valve and the group that look after CG:GO are now deploying new protection against cheaters. These changes will not affect streaming or the Steam fps counter etc. The changes will make it harder for miscreants to abuse the scoreboards which is a pervasive problem in gaming generally. The studio here appreciates the efforts to make... Continue Reading →


The Athlon 3000G is basic socket AM4 APU. The MSRP is $49. Athlon 3000GSocket AM414nm2 cores, 4 threads2 memory channelsDDR4-2667 supported3.5 GHz4MB L3 cacheVega 3 graphics, 1100 MHz35W TDPAMD cooler included While the Athlon 3000G is unlocked this processor is not intended for a demanding workload. It is best for work processing and spreadsheet work.... Continue Reading →


Way back in March, I ordered a KingDian 240GB SSD for a project. It arrived today badly mauled in transit. The CN22 came from China Post, the ePacket service was used. This took literally 3 months to surface. NewEgg already closed the RMA and issued a refund 4 weeks ago. I called them to advise... Continue Reading →


Not for Broadcast has added a new Lockdown update. This is a new bonus chapter for the core game and it is about a 4.4 GB update. Not for Broadcast is a popular television station simulation that was released a few months ago. The game is overwhelming liked on Steam. After just 13 weeks from... Continue Reading →


There are a lot of cruddy video card cables out there. Fortunately the LG 27UL500-W panel is quick to discover them. The panel has 2 HDMI inputs and one DisplayPort input. HDMI cables are limited more by the shortcomings of the standard than anything. HDMI at 1920x1080 is designed for longer cables for display purposes... Continue Reading →


Bungie has taken Destiny 2 servers offline to perform some maintenance. Lately Bungie has put a lot of hours into maintaining the servers but this time the are offline all day. Destiny 2 is very popular with the free to play model. The game does have modern system requirements so a potato is not going... Continue Reading →


After rotting away for 10 days in a warehouse buried under a pile of other mail, the GTX 2080 has managed to get past inspection and it's now headed for delivery. Besides the $50 US for postage, the market value of the card fell by $80. So the material cost is $130 US. Then there... Continue Reading →

451.48 WHQL

GeForce driver 451.48 is available for Windows 10 x64. DirectX 12 Ultimate FIXES AND UPDATES Please note for Windows 7 users: Microsoft now provides only SHA-2 signed drivers. If your Windows 7 system is NOT equipped to detect SHA-2, you need to install the SHA-2 update support patches. For details as well as access to... Continue Reading →


NVIDIA has now indicated that a new PCIe card with the A100 chip will be available for servers and possibly workstations. The DGX A100 systems have already begun shipping which lends credence to availability. The A100 card will likely be widely available in servers in a few months. The new card is not quite as... Continue Reading →

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