Originally when I setup on WordPress I only used Twitter for social networking. Now I have expanded this to Facebook and Linkedin. How much impact this will have is unknown. I will have a better picture come the fall after evaluating the associated metrics. Facebook has over 1.5 billion accounts, not sure now many are... Continue Reading →


One of the problems with Ryzen 1000 and Ryzen 2000 series motherboards is that they use a 16MB BIOS. This is a bad design mistake that was fixed with Ryzen 3000 motherboards which can support the larger 32MB BIOS chips. Why AMD did not mandate this earlier has to do with cost, the larger 32MB... Continue Reading →


All of the game reviews posted offer some system requirements. For the most part the they are not hard to beat unless the machine is over 5 years old. AMD Ryzen supports M.2 SSD drives which have rapidly increased in capacity in the last few years. Its advisable for even non gaming purposes to have... Continue Reading →


Today gamers have largely adopted SSD products for gaming. Prices are lower which has allowed global adoption rates to grow. Hybrid systems are common with a smaller SSD being supplemented by a hard disk. The studio machine has dual M.2 SSD drives and it has 5 hard disk bays available. SSD products are often marketed... Continue Reading →


The writing has been on the wall for Toshiba for a long time. Now news has come in that Toshiba has finally quit the PC business. The remaining Dynabook line has been sold to Sharp who is a smaller player in the consumer electronics market. Toshiba entered the PC market around 1985 with a laptop... Continue Reading →


Devolver has now posted September 4, 2020 as the release date for Serious Same 4. Croteam is now almost done with debugging which means the game will be ready in about a month's time. Back in 2017 Croteam bundled their old games and compiled then for 64-bit Windows and gave them for free for anyone... Continue Reading →


Circle of Football was released on August 8, 2020 by Strelka Games. The game was developed by Yonder and Fantastico Games. Circle of Football is a soccer simulation game. Circle of Football has been released as a free to play under early access. It's not the usual soccer game, it's a fast-paced football game with... Continue Reading →


MSI has finally released the H8 BIOS for the X570-A PRO motherboard and it is dated 7/17/2020 suggesting they backdated the BIOS date by a month. H8 was in beta for several months before this was released finally. This BIOS is larger than the previous releases suggesting some expanded AGESA tables along with some other... Continue Reading →


Crystal Disk Reports noticed a problem with the older of the two Seagate ST8000DM004 hard disks in the gaming box. These are drive managed shingled track designs. Copying files to another disk showed a read error. In total 24 games were damaged by the errors. Steam can repair games when it notices problems. There is... Continue Reading →


Tracking video card prices I have noticed many cards are now out of stock for an extended period. This suggests manufacturing has stopped in favor of making cards for the expected launch of nVidia Ampere and AMD RDNA 2 cards. Its petty safe to assume that flagship cards will be more powerful than the new... Continue Reading →

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