Given the machine can take advantage of PCIe 4.0 with the X570 and The Ryzen 3600 processor, the move towards the Intel 665p SSD is practical. NewEgg very recently started carrying the 2TB version which was expected back in January. $369.99 Canadian plus taxes and shipping. Intel's 665p serves as a refresh for the SSD... Continue Reading →


After reporting the problem using the Covenant Tank in the structures in Delta map, 343 has swapped it for a Scorpion instead. Playing this seems to be stable and I did not have issues with tearing of the map. The Scorpion is very playable and it handled the campaign in that segment before the move... Continue Reading →


Because of a person of influence at MSFT caused many problems with my account I have reason to suspect my multiplayer is also affected. This cretin went out of his way to cause harm because he could not understand the basic principle that somebody can be better. My skill in IT is exemplary, go ask... Continue Reading →


After spending countless hours testing expensive video cards on the MSI X570-A PRO I have concluded there must me a whitelist as to what video cards will be allowed. The PNY GTX 690 costs $999 and the Sapphire R9 Fury not much less. These two cards represent well over 12 TFLOPS of lost performance. According... Continue Reading →


343 has indicated that the Halo 2 patch is ready for distribution. 343 said it will be released at 2000h PDT (8:00 PM). PLATFORMDOWNLOAD SIZEXbox One 1.96 GBMicrosoft Store 7.74 GBSteam 175.9 MB Steam has more experience with game updates and they have fine tuned their services to minimize the bandwidth required. Many with Steam have vast libraries... Continue Reading →


Sabrent has surfaced with a new Rocket Q 8TB SSD (SB-RKTQ-8TB), The new capacity of 8TB sets a new standard for higher capacity M.2 2280 class storage. Sabrent Rocket Q 8TBSB-RKTQ-8TBM.2 2280PCI Express 3.1Micron 3D QLC 96-layerPsion E12S controllerAdvanced Wear LevelingBad Block ManagementOver-Provision The Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB has abundant capacity for any gaming enthusiast... Continue Reading →


MSI has tweeted that they now have the B550 series motherboards posted on their website. MSI has long been a leader for AMD based systems and now that commitment is paying off with the Ryzen processors. MSI had to use more copper to handle PCIe 4.0 performance. MSI also has larger aluminum heat spreaders over... Continue Reading →


EA needs to fix their Origin loader. There are a few problems that have emerged. Obviously they do not test Origin very well at all. The way it is now whenever a machine is rebooted the client complains that the account is in use and starts offline. Another problem is with friends who may cycle... Continue Reading →

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