After a clean install of Windows when the MSI X570-A PRO replacement motherboard arrived a problem with the standby emerged. Something was continually waking the machine and even forcing the LCD to remain on as well. A clean install of Windows does not have problems. The default updates also are problem free. This post will... Continue Reading →


A few reports in the media are mentioning that LCD sales are up sharply. Many that are working at home have bought new larger panels which are more suitable for long hours. LCD panels are now much less expensive so lots of people are buying new ones. The new panels offer better color quality and... Continue Reading →


All the the games in the Origin loader are all safe on a separate hard disk. Along with lots of others. Steam has its own dedicated disk. EA has not really developed the Origin loader anywhere near as much as Valve has done with Steam. EA has listed a few third party games but the... Continue Reading →


Recent news that a large operation in California who was mining for the top 10 most popular digital coins has shut down. The company uses specialized machines so there are unfortunately no video cards to flood the market with. The studio is ever hopeful for a flood of very cheap video cards. The geopolitical situation... Continue Reading →


Finally the Sapphire R9 Fury has arrived. Part number 299-1E331-100SA. The card is 12 inches long and it wants dual 8-pin PCIe cables. The HX1000i has lots of connections for two of these cards but in this day and age with dual card support waning one card is adequate given the performance. The card was... Continue Reading →


Here at the studio there is one of the hot water pots that are very popular is Asian households. In southern China more than 95% of urban households have one of these. By comparison refrigeration is growing rapidly to over 80% in the last 20 years. Hot water and tea are very widely consumed. The... Continue Reading →


Cablelabs has finalized the new DOCSIS specifications version 4. The new design provides for 10 gigabit full duplex. The equal upload and download speeds will make video streaming like Apple's Facetime, video conferencing, smart homes and distance learning etc. The DOCSIS 4.0 specification, part of CableLabs’ so-called 10G Platform began development in August 2016 with... Continue Reading →


As if working from home wasn't challenging enough, Microsoft has now warned that a Windows 10 bug is preventing Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other critical work apps from reaching the internet. Many remote workers are running a Windows 10 PC and accessing work resources remotely via a virtual private network (VPN) connection. And... Continue Reading →


Found a reversible 64GB USB-A and USB-C flash stick. The cost was low as such a design is not expensive. The unit was $10 Canadian postage paid. First thing to do obviously is the load up the fakeflash checker to be sure that the device is an honest 64GB. eBay is awash with a lot... Continue Reading →

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