Testing the SATA port multiplier with the MSI X570-A PRO resulted in the BIOS being unable to recognize the logic. Small wonder the low cost solution cannot find new markets. Supporting SATA port multipliers would boost sales of more hard disks and DVD/BD drives etc. 16-port SATA cards are not that much money and they... Continue Reading →


Been playing Halo: Reach (Steam) for several hours in the Winter Contingency campaign on Legendary (naturally). After completing a firefight against a couple of dropships worth of covenant. I jumped into a truck with some surviving marines and drove out seeking to get any remaining covenant. After a distance I glitched to a pedestrian with... Continue Reading →


After several days in the repair shop, the MacBook is now back in the studio and ready for use. The machine is far from new but it is very mobile which is favorable at the coffee shop. The machine can make do on batteries for several hours even on the old battery. Steam is installed... Continue Reading →


TSMC has been able to reach 50% yields with their new 5nm line. With more customers using 5nm this will allow more leeway at 7nm. The monthly production capacity gradually increased from 50,000 units to 70,000 - 80,000 units as the process matures. AMD Zen 2 yields has been close to 70% using 7nm so... Continue Reading →


Halo is bigger than the beta I tested a month ago so the Steam version is a 15GB download. The store page suggests the whole MCC is 20GB might be bumped up a tad as the other games in the series are substantial too. Internet at the Studio is hybrid fibre/cable based so the download... Continue Reading →


Fateless was developed and released on November 28, 2019 By Dimitri Lozovoy. Fateless is a first person shooter. The game displays death of humanoid monsters when they are killed by the player. Gameplay is classic. The player avoids incoming fireballs while shooting the various monsters. There are a couple of different weapons available. There is... Continue Reading →


Among the laptops in the Studio is an old MacBook A1534 that was new back in 2015. The machine has an Intel Core M processor (Broadwell) with 8GB DDR3-1600 and it has 256GB SSD storage. The CPU die and RAM are integrated and the SSD chips are soldered on either side of the mainboard. The... Continue Reading →

441.41 WHQL

GeForce driver 441.41 is available for Windows 7 x64 and above. Halo: Reach Quake II RTX update DRIVER TEST MACHINE ChassisCooler Master HAF932PSUCorsair HX1000iMotherboardMSI X470 Gaming PlusCPUAMD Ryzen R5 2400GMemoryG.Skill NT 24 GB DDR4-2400StorageIntel 660p 512 GB M.2 SSDGraphics HardwareEVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3072MBOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Professional x64NetworkDOCIS 3 cable internet FESTERING ISSUES [Forza... Continue Reading →


Sony wanted to protect the media that the company had invested in. They did not see the changes in consumer preferences and technological change. Sony detested Napster and what they did not realize was the changes in the way files are distributed on the internet. FTP was widely used for many years but a new... Continue Reading →

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