Dealing with Azure has been up there with the proverbial brick wall. Clearly it seems that they are unwilling to accede to my demands. My account is still banned until 2552 and they want me to spend money on MSDN. They are completely daffed.

Clearly its time to chose another tract. Once the COVID-19 problem is behind everyone they will discover I am not just some good for nothing gamer.

As a businessman I have had to take many matters to court. Supreme Court civil law is complex in the extreme and many in law hate it. Case law citations are now widely digitized which makes it slightly easier to cite the literature.

Fighting the Crown has been brutal. Crown’s mouthpiece does not even know basic law. They do not understand res judicata, they do not understand estoppel. Court orders mean nothing to them. Court orders them to appear, they tell the judge to go to hell. I sent up a desk order, court held it was an offence plain and simple. The Crown is in contempt of Provincial court and Supreme Court.

I have been trying to take down a bad law, section 579 of the Criminal Code which puts the Attorney General ahead. The defect is that it is an insult to the Charter and section 52 says any law that is inconsistent is of no force in law.

Court does not a problem with anyone who speaks law. All are welcome as the Charter clearly states. The dinosaur Attorney general needs to realize they have no authority.

Once this bad law is rescinded I will be handing out charges galore against a lot of parties. Sedition is one i lick my lips for to go after corrupt politicians.

Microsoft will not stand a chance against me. I have appeared in Court over 500 times and counting. I have the luxury extensive experience. Supreme Court also hears criminal cases. I was ordered to appear in Chambers along with the crown’s mouthpiece for a contempt hearing. I allege fail to appear.

I am also very crafty as well, I know all the legal crap and believe me, it was not hard to nick the Crown with a contempt beef. In law, there is this idea of cause of action, which exists both in civil and criminal law.

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