Much of the televisions at CES this year are disappointing. LG seems to be the only lineup that supports Apple’s Airplay, the rest all are using Android. The Apple TV 4K box in the studio can remedy a television’s shortcomings but having native support eliminates the need to spend $179 on a unit.

Speculation of a new Apple TV box has been ongoing for a few years now. The current Apple TV 4K supports HDMI 2.0a which is limited to 3840×2160 UHD HDR. The need for HDMI 2.1 is only one of the issues Apple uses face looking forward. Supporting a front USB port would be a much appreciated.

The LG televisions at least were the best of the offerings. Sony elected to use Google TV which is a new offering. Sony televisions generally have also been good. Samsung has stuck with Android for years.

Samsung and LG reveal 8K TVs at CES 2020 – why you SHOULDN'T buy one

Looking at 8K televisions did not see much improvement over last years offerings. The old RCA set is 4K UHD so it can watch cable TV and anything steaming. The Apple TV 4K has limited content at 4K available. It is even worse looking for 8K content.

The flagship LG television is impressive but the lack of content is the biggest barrier. Cleaper LG 8K televisions are down to $1999 in Canada. Should not be long before the prices fall below $1000.

4K Blu-Ray media are still a premium item. The old Blu-Ray have fallen dramatically in the last few years. The BD players can upsample DVD and BD to 4K at least but none of the players have HDMI 2.1 yet. I have Google Alerts for HDMI 2.1 but still very little has surfaced.

Until Apple surfaces with a new box or the Blu-Ray people can surface with a new player, the prospects for an 8K television is just not quite right yet.


Lower prices for 65″ 4K televisions are motivating more to modernize. Several models are now below US $500 which leads into the upcoming Super Bowl. Lots of televisions are sold for the Super Bowl and prices can be very aggressive.


Several 8K 65″ televisions last year are less costly this year. Consumers should check for HDMI 2.1 support so that the television can achieve 8K with suitable sources. Prices start at $999 and some larger screen models are also lower in price. 8K is probably best at 75″ or above to best enjoy the imagery.

At present there is a lack of 8K content outside some video posted on Youtube. 8K televisions can scale up HDTV and 4K formats to 8K easily. Bluray will need to be updated to handle 8K which means more layers to the disk will be needed.


By the time the fall shopping season rolls around, its reasonable to expect to see some new television models come to the market. The mainstream is slowly migrating towards HDTV from older obsolete televisions. HDTV units are very low cost and they still sell very well. The 4K format is still a prosumer format with limited content availability. The 8K format is still a ways off to be practical.

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