As if supplies of video cards is not enough new of a shortage of ABF which is a product make by Ajinomoto of Japan. The material is sold on large rolls which is used in the semiconductor sector as a substrate that has a low thermal expansion coefficient. The material is used as a substrate between the nanometer-scale and millimeter-scale components of a processor or IC.

The story of ABF begins in the 1970s, sees its initial adoption in personal computers in the late 1990s, and continues to evolve to this day in concert with advances in CPU performance.

The need for advanced CPU substrates grew rapidly in the 1990s with the transition from MS-DOS to Windows operating systems, the rise of large-scale integration in CPUs for personal computers, and the increase in terminals from about 40 in early CPUs to a thousand or more today. This led to a shift from “lead frame” configurations to CPUs mounted on multilayer circuit substrates containing complex wiring patterns, creating an urgent demand for new insulating materials.

Everybody in the semiconductor sector from AMD to Intel to NVIDIA all need this material as one of the many components that go into making a complete package for placement on a motherboard.

NVIDIA has had yield problems with the RTX 3000 production. Now to have shortages of other basic materials suggests shortages of cards will extend into the third quarter or beyond. AMD will also be affected as they attempt to ramp up production of processors and graphics. Intel may also be affected once their stockpile is exhausted.

The COVID-19 problem has led to Japan taking new steps with a rise in cases which has forced many companies to shut down for a period of time. If the shutdown is protracted it could lead to Ajinomoto being unable to fulfil orders immediately.

Ajinomoto is a huge conglomerate that makes a wide range of other products in addition to the buildup film. The company makes wide range of foodstuffs for the Japanese market.

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