Watching the price for DDR4-3200 it seems that 4x32GB has fallen down to $735.99 in Canada which is an all-time low. Smaller capacity DIMMs are also much lower in price. When this RAM first entered my NewEgg wishlist it was substantially higher. At present 128GB is overkill for the demands on the rig at present.

At present with 32GB installed the gaming box has not experienced problems with any game published. It seems that 32GB is a good place for gaming as Windows hardly touches the storage at all.

The 64-bit version of Excel can leverage more memory but 32GB of memory is enough for even the largest workbooks under the sun. Many use Excel for a database which is supported for smaller tables. The limit for Excel is currently 1 million rows per worksheet. Larger databases usually find themselves on servers fast. Excel can pull data from a database easily.

Chess is really the only game that leverages larger amounts of RAM in addition to CPU cores. The game tree for chess is very bushy which means that deep recursive positional analysis can use a significant amount of memory.


The ADATA XPG SX8100 4TB sell for $399 which is $0.10 per GB for an extreme capacity that meets SATA prices head on. The WD Black SN750 500GB sells for $62.99 which is $0.13 per GB. Some NVMe SSD from China are even lower cost per GB.

SSD products are now down to $0.10 to $0.20 per GB which now nearing record lows. TLC products tend to cost more than QLC products.

More and more manufacturing is moving to the QLC design which can afford larger capacity and lower per GB costs to consumers. NVMe SSD products are now reaching 50% market penetration, and lower prices will motivate the trend significantly.

M.2 SSD performance has improved as well which allows them to outperform hard disks readily. Speeds of 2GB/s are common with the fastest now reaching 7GB/s. PCIe 4.0 can handle more speed and faster SSD products in 2021 are expected.


Hard disks are now down below $0.02 per GB with 4TB prices of late. Last year the studio added several more hard disks to the collection to reduce the average operating hours.

Low prices make stuffing machines with hard disks easy. Cheap 4TB hard disks can hold several hundred games each. They are also perfect for music and movie collections.

Seagate and WD have slugged it out for years in the industry. Lower prices have motivated larger capacities. In Canada recently, 4TB disks were $99 each shipped.

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