Many have posted questions about this class of error with Windows 2000 through to Windows 10. After much trial and error at least one cause for problems exists with the ASmedia drivers. AMD has used ASmedia 1061 logic to add more SATA ports and supplement the southbridge.

The BIOS updates for the MSI X570-A PRO have improved on the overall stability of the machine but finally the identification of the faulty ASmedia driver has eliminated BSOD crashing.

In the device manage check for the ASmedia 1061 controller. Select update driver and then select have disk. Here you can select the driver you want.

The Standard SATA AHCI Controller is part of Windows and it is known to be compatible with the entire storage component stack. Unfortunately the Windows SATA AHCI Controller is not a 100% implementation of the ATA storage conventions. For example SATA port expanders are not supported which prevents the use of higher port density controller cards.

AMD’s chipset drivers contain components for the ASmedia logic. There is also a stand alone driver. Both are problematic. This is why this driver is identified as faulty.

It turns out that at least for Windows 10, the standard Windows ATA driver works with the ASmedia 1061 logic which eliminated the faults with SCSIPORT.SYS and the machine has been stable.

Both the MSI X470 Gaming Plus and the MSI X570-A PRO have ASmedia logic. After 3 years of checking drivers and systems the ASmedia component has been identified as faulty. The process of elimination was the only way to identify the fault.

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