Sony has announced the will be PS5 showcase event on Wednesday September 16, 2020 at 1:00 PM Pacific time. It is expected to run for about 40 minutes. It will be shown on Twitch and YouTube and it will be also available on as well.

Sony has a rich selection of AAA class games for the PS5. Earlier this year Sony suggested that some of these AAA games may be published for the PC.

Sony was hoping to have 15 million units available for the launch event. Yields at TSMC 7nm fell short so Sony now expects to have 11 million consoles available. Most likely Sony is backordered for more SoC hardware for later assembly.


  • Immerse yourself in worlds with a new level of realism as rays of light are individually simulated, creating true-to-life shadows and reflections in supported PS5 games.
  • Play your favorite PS5 games on your stunning 4K TV.
  • Enjoy smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay at up to 120fps for compatible  games, with support for 120Hz output on 4K displays.
  • With an HDR TV, supported PS5 games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colors.
  • PS5 consoles support 8K Output, so you can play games on your 4320p resolution display.

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