While Halo’s campaign is outright legendary, the move by Redmond to make the multiplayer components free to play will undoubted entice many to see what Halo is all about.

Halo: Infinite is also known to be designed to support the 120 Hz on the Xbox Series One and mostly likely it may even support 144 Hz on the high-end PC when it releases.

Halo 3 can now expect some more cosmetic options in the game.

At present Halo: Master Chief Collection is the best value for gaming out there. The low cost and the extensive multiplayer features makes it an enduring and popular package.


Halo: Infinite will have a great campaign which will fit in with the story of the previous releases. It’s also now known the game will be huge when it ships suggesting a massive game world.

Longtime fans will also pick up with the continuation of the events of Halo 5: Guardians and be rewarded with new mysteries to unravel. This carefully crafted narrative will be a great way for new players and fans alike to experience the Master Chief’s story.

The Master Chief finds himself tasked with fighting the Brutes now dubbed the the Banished.  The new Brute War Chief, Escharum, who has led the Banished to victory over the UNSC’s forces and taken control of a Halo ring. While Chief is no stranger to battling against Brutes, this is his first time facing the Banished and his most formidable opponent yet.

The new rig world will be richly detailed. The scale of the environment accessible to players is several times larger than that of the last two Halo games combined with opportunities to discover hidden rewards and assault Banished fortifications in brand new ways.

The “Grappleshot” opens up new traversal options while also providing new ways to engage enemies. Get up close and personal by grappling into an enemy for a satisfying melee, pull a Fusion Coil to yourself and throw it at your target, or grapple to a ledge to rain fire on enemies below.

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