Recently I bought a second USB case for M.2 SSD devices. The growing number of M.2 SSD in use mandated multiple cases for copy and cloning purposes.

Checking my bank transactions why there is a large transaction when all I grabbed was low cost items. I bought a USB extension so I could pull my machine out more easily for service. I also bought 2 DP cables as they are in short supply. The USB case is low cost.

What caught me by surprise with the $100 shipping charge. Last unit was free shipping for US$10 USB case. So what is up with the extreme shipping cost?

More concerning is that a vendor who has been with eBay since 2008 has now been closed, which immediately makes me suspicious. So I filed a refund demand which should be completed by the end of the week.

The return screen shows only the base price and does not address the $100 shipping cost. I would have gone elsewhere with that kind of nonsense.

I now save PayPal records as PDF for legal purposes. This way I will have a record of the wrongdoing for law enforcement if necessary.

So far this year I have lost $100 in lost items I could not recover due to problems with the eBay app etc. Now this comes up, maybe it’s less costly to go shop elsewhere.


Ebay moved fast to get my money refunded. When i brought the problem to their attention of the shipping costs they agreed it was a rip off.

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