The Prey 2017 version has now been relieved of the Denuvo DRM. Denuvo has been a long standing problem for gaming due most to the overhead it imposes.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was so poorly developed that it was unplayable even with the most powerful machines. The led the accusations harm to Denuvo but as much blame on Warner for not properly cleaning up the game before publishing it.

The Prey update was quietly delivered with a post on the game discussion but no news in the activity stream. Most likely some will now buy the game now that the DRM overhead is eliminated.

I have the old Prey 2007 as well as the more recent 2017 game. Both are quite different games that only share the same title. Copyright law does not protect title which is reasonable. Given two games with the same tile, it’s not a bad idea to use Prey 2007 and Prey 2017 so that each game can be recognized more easily in a game library.

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