Way back in March, I ordered a KingDian 240GB SSD for a project. It arrived today badly mauled in transit. The CN22 came from China Post, the ePacket service was used. This took literally 3 months to surface.

NewEgg already closed the RMA and issued a refund 4 weeks ago. I called them to advise them of the damaged item’s arrival and the RMA was closed as well. It is far past the return period generally.

The plastic carrier for the SSD is small and very easily crushed. This was stuffed into a small 5″ by 7″ bubble envelope. No cardboard protection was used at all. This is very risky in the mail. Items needs to be protected.

The Intel 665p SSD was packaged in a plastic carrier. This was then placed into a cardboard packing and placed into a retail box. NewEgg then placed this in a further cardboard box that fit the Intel retail package perfectly. From New Jersey to here on Vancouver Island only took 10 days.

The SSD itself was dislodged from the carrier tray which was crushed. I was able to restore the carrier tray to normal and I placed the SSD and screw back in place. The outer plastic box has minor damage and I was able to snap it back together. I found the screw in the envelope; it had been dislodged.

I also ordered a USB box for M.2 SSD last month and it may take 4-8 weeks more to arrive. The USB box is primarily for cloning a SSD for capacity upgrades or for copying files from an old SSD to a new setup. Now this USB SSD box can also be used to test a SSD for function with far less risk exposure. A damaged SSD could damage an expensive motherboard while a low cost USB unit is 1/20 the cost.

Both my MSI X570-A PRO and my MSI X470 Gaming plus have dual M.2 slots. My MSI B350M Bazooka is a single M.2 slot.

Once the USB M.2 box arrives, I will test the KingDian SSD and see if it is functional and then I can test it for logical error in case the second chip is not fully functional.

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