The new LTO-8 format tape now widely available. Everyone can now use the one advantage tape has, it’s inherently offline so it invulnerable to ransomware. Today Ransomware attacks have been growing exponentially.

As the chart shows, world+dog are buying so much storage that zettabytes (ZB) are now needed to capture it all. Hard disks are still the primary storage for content delivery networks while web servers and databases are best hosted by SSD products.

NASA has vast requirements for astronomical projects and they need to acquire several PB quarterly to keep up with existing projects. New projects are growing rapidly. At present 16TB hard disks are the largest available.

Video has been the biggest driver for internet traffic. With Youtube and now Netflix et al the demand for bandwidth is tremendous. The storage required for the content is equally brutal. Web traffic in 2016 exceeded 1 ZB and since then it has continued to grow.

LTO-8 tapes are $130-$175 each and they are cheaper by the box. LTO-8 can store 12 TB per tape native and more with compression. A year ago, LTO-8 tapes were caught in a fight over royalties etc. That has been settled as tapes are now widely available.

A bare LTO-8 tape drive is available. They tend to want a faster controller than SATA can afford. The Quantum TC-L82AN-BR is a bare internal LTO-8 drive for a PC or rack based setup. The Quantum TC-L82AN-BR has been on the market for a couple of years so there are several vendors with them available. The Quantum TC-L82AN-BR sells for about $3,200.

Large robotic tape backup systems are still used by many government and large corporations. The Quantum i6000 can be expanded to hold up to 192 drives and 12,000 tapes. There is even an option for dual robots.


Some gaming rigs have DVD or BD drives. Optical disks are also immune to ransomware. The BD media are available at 128GB but lower cost 50GB disks are more widely used. DVD9 discs are very low cost.


Whether you use an expensive $3,200 LTO-8 tape drive or the $15 DVD drive. Making a safe backup of your personal files means when there is a security breach, you personal files are safe.

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