MSI finally got me a new MSI X570-A PRO motherboard. It took 2 hours to get the machine assembled and ready for action.

Bought some longer SATA cables to better reach the front of the machine. Longer cables are less common but they are available. The 8-port SATA card still has not surfaced but it will allow for a staggering amount of storage in the HAF 932 chassis. For now the 4-port card will have to carry on.

UEFI now works and so does secure boot. I am intending to RMA the X470 Gaming Plus as there are some serious problems I cannot fix.

The new AMD Wraith Stealth cooler with the LED effects keeps the CPU even cooler than the OEM fan the R5 3600 came with. This suggests that the cooler needed to be more substantial. Using the motherboard clips makes it easier to swap a CPU should a new model become available. This is also the reason for retaining the old Phenom coolers which are also fairly good.

The DDR4-3200 RAM is working fine. The BIOS has already been updated so it now has the most recent AGESA installed.

MSI X570-A PRO motherboard

One problem with the X470 Gaming Plus was the monitor shut down and sleep. This is reproducible with a clean install of windows and several different Radeon cards and drivers. The X570-A PRO has no problems with standby.

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