Given the media frenzy over coronavirus it has been discovered that malware is being spread widely.

Malware is being spread via coronavirus maps. This is a change in tactic from the usual spam. Spammers have tried to evade detection but security depiction had been effective.

The ransomware is very damaging which is why Windows 10 should be fully updated. Check windows update now and install all offered updates.

Spammer have taken text from legitimate sources. For example, TrickBot samples were found to utilize strings taken from CNN news stories as part of the malware’s file description. Additionally, the news outlet also saw an Emotet sample that uses strings from another CNN news story for its file information.

A new version of Emotet has surfaced. This new strain utilizes wlanAPI.dll calls to discover wireless networks around a computer that is already infected with Emotet. By using the compromised machine’s Wi-Fi connection, the malware tries to brute-force its way in to other password protected networks nearby.

Google has done much to harden the Chrome browser. Microsoft has hardened Windows 10 to protect it from ransomware. Criminal activity has become widespread which is why updates are important.

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