While most on Steam still use 12GB or less memory, there are more and more with 16GB or more memory. Today the gaming rig is equipped with 32GB DDR4-3200.

Besides running desktop Windows there is also an option to use Windows Server or even Linux. Many web developers use Windows Server as their desktop operating system. This option does bode well for a gaming site.

There is lots of RAM in the studio so one of the old motherboards like the MSI B350M Bazooka could easily run Windows Server or Linux. Depending on the roles desired, more than one machine may be needed.

Microsoft Exchange Server has been more demanding than other roles. The main requirement is for much more memory. Many with 4GB of RAM found it was still not enough so general agreement amongst users is that it is probably best to use 8GB or more.

Microsoft Sharepoint is built around using Microsoft Office using a web based approach. SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially among organizations. Microsoft says they have about 190 million users across some 200,000 organizations.

WordPress can run on Linux or Windows easy enough. The database can be local host or remote. The random access performance of a SSD makes a MySQL database very fast. Depending on the amount of content, the low cost 512GB SSD is usually far more than needed. Putty is used to remotely login to a Linux host.

The old Lenovo X230 has 8 GB of memory and a 480GB SATA SSD which is actually able to run Linux and probably 200-300 WordPress sites easily. This machine has an i5 processor so it is powerful enough when GZIP is needed to unpack files etc with updates. This machine is most likely to be put to work.

The main impediment is that the loss of the site domain has been troublesome. International law is also complex and criminal complaints are widespread,

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