Lately Google has been spamming social media selling advertising. Given the abuses from them a few decades ago, it will a cold day in hell before I buy anything.

Google has been offering $100 towards some campaign. The cost of advertising is high relative to the perceived benefit. Ad blocking is now being offered by Google and I have screenshots showing the wilful infringement.

The number of headwinds here are abundant. Copyright and trademark problems are on the agenda this year for remedy. Claims will be very painful for the wrongdoing done.

The site now pageranks lower than it used to thanks to Microsoft so there is a cause of action but for the reckless acts. Then the Brave browser needs to be eliminated.

Funds for development mostly are hardware related. The WM_MESSAGE look can be parsed more deeply to pick up controller buttons but I need more controllers. An attempt to import a PS4 compatible controller was refused entry so as far as I am concerned it no longer hits the radar here.

The Xbox 360 controller works fine and testing it with the switch loop shows all buttons are being detected fine. The enable event was also detected so my code can peer Destiny 2 which also noticed a controller.

Downloading the 3Dbuzz archive will be fully available eventually. The torrent is huge and to reduce the impact on the local internet I have discussed it with my ISP as I wanted to seed the archive pending the backup. There is now a growing number of seeds making the legal torrent successful. I added more trackers to the torrent which will propagate across the peers so that discovery will be faster.

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