Besides the headaches I have had with my MSI X570-A PRO, many other users of MSI X570 motherboard have also had problems galore. H.60 is the latest BIOS for the motherboard which has improved memory stability.

Until recently My R5 2400G would not work in the MSI X570-A PRO. With a new AGESA from AMD however the CPU is now supported albeit as a PCIe 3.0 processor. The Ryzen 3000 APU also are PCIe 3.0 which simply means the motherboard BIOS has to allocate resources based on the CPU resources.

The UEFI BIOS is not that complex but the problems suggest there are lots of coding mistakes. The CPUID instruction is there for a BIOS to check and decide how to proceed. This is standard logic and is typical in ASM and C etc.

Some have found disconnecting an optical drive from the system was helpful. This clearly shows device identification faults. There are not many cases of storage classes to handle. Storage is very mature. The accusation of the ASmedia logic being the cause is simply scapegoating.

What is really needed is for the responsible people for handling the BIOS to step up and fix the problems that people are experiencing. Until that is done I am seriously considering sending the X570 back and go back to the X470.


The Intel 660p SSD in the M2_1 slot is allocated only 1 PCIe lane. This robs the machine of the performance that the SSD should be delivering.


The sleep in Windows 10 does not work either. The machine simply restarts as from cold which also defeats the wake on LAN signals etc. The SSd allows Windows to start very fast but problem remains.


I have had to overvolt memory to be able to achieve its rated speeds. This makes it clear that the BIOS problems are abundant if it cannot handle mainstream memory.


There is nothing wrong with the RX 480. Testing the card on an older Intel based machine, the card works fine and drivers install etc.

On the X570 the card works at POST but installing a driver causes the machine to BSOD. This is not the way a driver is supposed to work.

I have an EVGA GTX 1060 and this card works. The drivers also install fine. The outcome is to force me to use GeForce cards at present. The GTX 1060 is 65% of the performance of the RX 480 and it only has 3GB of VRAM.


Other chipsets seem to be as problematic. A legion of RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT users with a range of AMD and even Intel boards are having problems galore. My RX 480 is older and you would think the bus were fixed, evidently not.


The AMD chipset driver also causes a BSOD fault. This has been a nuisance more than anything but it does hurt the ability for Windows 10 to be stable.


In many games the sound would stop working. Clearly there are so many problems with the X570 that have to be corrected.

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