Grabbed a new BD drive for the rig as old one bit the dust some time ago.

The LG WH16NS40K comes with Cyberlink PowerDVD software so that BD movies can be played. This drive is a standard BDXL drive so it can read dual layer and triple layer moves easily.

  • WH16NS40
  • 16X BD playback with Cyberlink software
  • 16X BD-R Write Capability
  • Serial ATA Interface
  • Write and Read Quad, Triple, Double Layer BD-R Discs
  • M-DISC Support
  • Max. 16X DVD±R Write Speed
  • Blu-Ray Disc, DVD and CD Family Read/Write Compatible
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD

The BD drive handle 16x media fine for recording. Primarily the drive is being used for importing music into iTunes and playing BD moves. I own a lot of compact disks, and a few BD movies.

The drive itself is the older 2016 model BD but it is bundled with software as a added value. The Cyberlink PowerDVD is needed to play DVD and BD movies.

I have a lot of game disks that are not available on Steam or Origin so to install them an optical drive is needed. I have hundreds of old game disks in several boxes.

Not many use BD drives for movies but I will point out it is worth installing one. The bandwidth of BD is over 54 megabits and this is 10x more than NetFlix and other streaming services etc. Dual layer discs have even higher bit-rates.

Lots of recent television shows are now on BD-ROM disks. Box sets are readily available for many popular shows. In recent years hundreds of more television shows have now been published for BD.

With the LG 4K panel, the UHD disks are playable as well. These disks have even more bandwidth to be able to deliver deep color video with 4:2:0 chrominance. The consumer BD is not quite as good as a professional monitor which supports 4:4:4 chrominance. Player software can adapt when the panel is superior.


The drive is coming up from metro LA so it will take a few days to come up the coast and then through customs etc. Other items from NewEgg have come from the LA warehouse which is larger than the ones in Canada.

The BD drive was shipped all the way east to Ontario instead of up the coast.


There are still more BD drives available, the SKU with software is simply sold out. More drives are planned primarily as they are fast for installing games etc. There are far more robust and can read many illegible compact discs and DVDs.

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