Over the course of 2019 more graphics arts tools have been procured.

Corel PhotoPaint is a rival to Adobe PhotoShop but it is a lot less costly. Defy ordinary. Resist boring.  Corel can make your work come to life.

Painter Essentials is designed for the student graphic artist. It is a lot easier to use and it has more guidance to make learning fun.

Michael White

Corel Painter has some additional direction for game art development. Painter can easily make excellent quality sprite images for a game. Painter is incredibly powerful which allows the studio to offer additional services. There are hundreds of brushes available for every conceivable need.

Mirage is able to animate images which can be helpful for web graphics. Animated GIF or MP4 video are all possible. The power of modern software makes it easier than ever to be great.


Cakewalk is an old favorite that works with MIDI devices. Bandlab has modernized it to work with USB hardware while retaining the versatility. Cakewalk has tones galore and it comes with a drum machine replacement etc. Bluetooth gear is now becoming more common which can make things a lot easier with a lot less clutter.

Avid Pro Tools can work with 16 MIDI tracks as a tone source beside the 16 digital tracks provided.

Sound Forge is handy for editing audio for soundtracks. A new 64-bit version was acquired to support Windows 10 properly. Sound Force has the capability to process the final mix and master a compact disk or DVD 5.1 Dolby soundtrack. Sound Forge can also restore old media with noise reduction capability.

Together various audio tools are important for games, movies and television alike.

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