The beleaguered Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet has struggled mostly as drivers are not mature yet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has become one of the first Windows tablets to ship with 10nm Intel Ice Lake-U processors, but the latest Intel PCH drivers are incompatible with the tablet since Microsoft must first validate the drivers before distribution.

Intel has slowly ramped up Ice Lake for mobile use and according to their ARK pages there are more models of CPU pending. At present there are i5 and i7 processors so models for the western market are available.

The lower cost i3 is now ramping up which will be popular in more affordable machines.

Once Microsoft has straightened out the driver problems the Surface Pro 7, the tablet should be very popular. The machine is likely to be available well into 2020 but some new models will likely be designed as new processors become available.

Microsoft needs to put more resources into maintaining their machines if the want to take market share from Apple etc.

The Surface Pro 7 now has USB type C in addition to a type-A, Checking the Microsoft store, all of the models currently show invalid date. Other stores have them all on exhibit. November 25 they are delivered.

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