Found a video on YouTube of a new class of scam. On somebody sold an old card as a modern GTX 1060 and the card went on to destroy the motherboard and other components.

Usually AliExpress is worse but lately they have cleaned up their act. Wish has become the place to go for scoundrels to flog their garbage.

Recall Vamery which flooded the market with GTX 450 cards and sold them as more recent Kepler etc. These cards worked but they were not the card as seen in the BIOS.

So now that machines are being trashed there is an even greater concern over the buying and selling of second hand merchandise.

Check the make and model of the video card carefully and be sure you get answers from questions. If the seller is not answering questions its probably better to move on.

Wish is legally liable for selling a counterfeit product and the consequential damage to the machine the card was tested on.

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