The gaming box has clean install of Windows 10 version 1909 and right away there are bugs found. So much for telemetry figuring out problems.

Office 2013 installed fine and updates installed fine.

KB4524570 refused to installed with some error code that suggested a clean boot was needed. Manually downloading the update from the update catalog installed fine so this shows there is a bug in the Windows update platform. If you manually use the catalog be sure you select the version of any KB update by machine architecture.

Clearly using an X570 system early in the curve has its moments but the platform has been updated a few times so there is some expectation of stability.

The BIOS on the MSI X570-A PRO on a cold start does not initialize the RX 480 and the machine boots with no video. The CPU LED is illuminated. A hard reset allows the machine to boot with the video present.

Also the optimal defaults for the BIOS do not boot. The RAM needs to be overvolted to be able to boot to the desktop. I have to use 1.45V to stabilize the machine.

The Intel SSD problem is frustrating as the performance is robbed. There is no option in the BIOS to change it. The only alternative is to move the SSD to the second slot and use the PCH to provide the requite lanes.

The X570 has a crossbar but the link to the CPU is only four lanes to it. Its not clear why the M.2 slot is configured for one lane which hurts the SSD performance considerably.

The X570 should be better adjustable in the BIOS but so far MSI has not provided users with the level of control needed.

The existing BIOS is comparatively simplified. The CPU and memory are handled well but the chipset is very weak. No fan manager with Linux making the BIOS fan manager very helpful for modern workloads.

Old machines can be used as a file server and/or webserver and/or database etc. and the real savings pile up. The X570 has enough RAM support to run Windows Server 2019 or Linux Server etc.


Moving the M.2 SSD to slot M.2-2 allowed the full 4 lane operation but the overhead of the X570 still limited performance.

No surprise that USS 3.1 adapters for M.2 are available. They are inexpensive so one of them can be used for file recovery etc.


Installing any AMD Radeon drivers all cause the machine to freeze. Clearly there is a problem with a clean install of Windows 10 version 1909 and AMD drivers. Its not at all clear why there is a problem, even using the INF file causes the machine to freeze.

The GTX 1060 works fine and drivers are not an issue but its performance is limited when being pushed to 3840×2160.

The result I have is that X570 works OK with nVidia graphics. Radeon does not work so well on a clean install of Windows. The Sapphire RX 480 is back in the original box it came in while I consider options looking forward. MSI also offers Radeon cards and speculation over their stability vs competitors.

Steam games recovered fastest as Steam is more flexible for moving games from disk to disk. Capacity increases with hard disks are common with larger games being published all the time.

Origin games are slower than Steam due to the installer design as opposed to a ready to run game setup.

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