On Twitter somebody posted a screenshot showing a new Radeon card. @ghost_motley @KOMACHI_ENSAKA Didn’t know where else to send this. One of my contacts in SK sent to me. Looks like a new GPU?— CyberPunkCat (@CyberCatPunk) February 24, 2020 A card with 80 CU on it would be ideal for the LG 4K... Continue Reading →


The relative power consumption at the studio has been lower mostly due to the move to 80 plus gold and better rated power supplies for desktop machines. Laptop machines are not as well marketed for efficiency but some basic testing shows they are 80 plus or better so they are not a serious problem. THE... Continue Reading →


Kioxia has introduced new PCIe SSD products into the corporate market. The CM6 and the CD6 SSD are intended for data center use. An established leader in developing PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs, Kioxia continues to push the limits of flash storage performance. Kioxia was the first company to publicly demonstrate PCIe 4.0 SSDs, and is now the... Continue Reading →


Idle Warrier was released on February 21, 2019 by HaDe Games. The game was developed by BIG DUCK GAMES. Idle Warrier is a casual action game. Idle Warrior is a little idle/clicker game in which you play an warrior who has to fight against an unlimited number of enemies. You can upgrade your warrior and... Continue Reading →


The Mandalorian television show is built largely with game development tools. The result is the ability to have a far richer word for television and feature films looking forward. The group working with Lucasfilms is very diverse from a range of companies. The Unreal engine has been demonstrated. Over 50 percent of The Mandalorian Season... Continue Reading →


Stellar Commanders was released on February 20, 2020 by Blindflug Studios AG who also developed it. Stellar Commanders is a 1v1 strategy game. Conquer the stars in this straightforward multiplayer real-time strategy game from the creators of First Strike and become a Stellar Commander! Players have seven minutes to tactically destroy their opposition, or the... Continue Reading →


The R5 3600 is a 65W processor which is stable with the OEM cooler provided. Shipping from China has been slowed due to the coronavirus debacle. The larger Wraith Prism cooler uses the AM3 type bracket which makes it easier to swap the processor. The studio is adopting this larger cooler primarily so that it... Continue Reading →


Intel has confirmed that their discrete graphics Xe will be available late in 2020. Intel has also indicted at the the upcoming Game Developers Conference that they will delve deeper into the architecture. The Game Developers Conference runs from March 16 to March 20. It is being held in San Francisco. Attendees from China are... Continue Reading →


The 256GB iPad Pro 12.9 arrived at last. Immediately the Apple 96W charger was employed to bring the tablet up to full power quickly. I do not know how much power the iPad can use but the 96W charger can cover it. The iPad charged up rapidly which make it possible to employ the tablet... Continue Reading →

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